Our experienced interior designers collaborate with you to create excellent commercial and office interior designs that reflect your brand identity.


Conceptual Design

In our first discussion, we survey your existing space to obtain measurements, listen to your concerns, company culture, workflow, budgeting and the future purpose of the space.

Then, we will visualize them using conceptual moodboards and reference images. We will also act as your consultant to provide insights that may improve the utilization and aesthetics of the space according to your budget and needs.


Artist Impressions & Material Selection

This phase, we turn moodboards and layouts into 3D renders with artist impressions to make the future space more tangible. From ceiling materials, floorings, partitions, to lighting and AC control systems, we will sit with you to finalize the micro-details that make up the cost estimations and offer recommendations according to your budget and intended space utilization.


Construction Drawing & On-Site

Once we have received your documented approval on the cost estimates, designs and materials, our in-house project team will turn your design visions into a reality through a tightly controlled on-site construction process. You will have access to a timeline that shows our daily progress, along with periodic reports that show how things progress, the challenges on site, and proposed solutions for your approval.

Conceptual Design

Artist Impressions & Material Selection

Construction Drawing

Construction On-Site


Furniture & Finishing Touches

Once the construction has completed, we will apply the finishing touches by adding decorations, additional furniture items, and other aesthetics to further showcase your brand identity. Then, we will double-check to ensure that every agreed detail has been implemented. Don’t worry, our after-sales team will stay in touch with you even after the project has completed, just in case you require any repairs or quick fixes in the future.


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