What is Kavana Interiors?

Kavana Interiors is a Jakarta-based interior design and construction firm specialized in producing brand-accurate office and commercial interior spaces in a budget friendly, efficient, and transparent process, from concept to completion. Our projects range from restaurants, cafe, show unit, hotels, resorts, schools, to public spaces. To learn more, please click here

What exactly is the scope of work of Kavana Interiors?

As an end-to-end interior design and construction firm, our one-stop service supports your project from concept to completion.

Here are some of the solutions we provided:

• Mood-board and 2D Layout

• 3D Render

• Material board

• Construction drawing

• Project Scheduling

• Bill of Quantity

• Item purchasing

• Project management

•Civil, Furniture, Lighting, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing works

• Project supervision & reporting

• …and the list goes on!

Do you accept private residential projects (private house/apartment)?

At this time, our services currently cater to commercial businesses only, so private residential projects would be beyond our scope.

Do you provide design consultation services and construction services separately?

We are an end-to-end interior design and construction firm. So yes, we can provide both services at the same time, or separately to our clients if needed.

The location of my project is in another city or country. Would you be able to handle my project?

We manage projects in any city across Indonesia. However, at this time our services do not cover projects outside the country.

How does the whole process look like?

You can read about our complete design process here.

Or, if you’d like our team to assist you, let us know via WhatsApp, phone call, or by clicking here

What should I expect from the first consultation?

The objective of our first consultation meeting is to learn more about your project and to capture all necessary information. We will survey your space to obtain measurements, listen to your goals, learn about your business identity along with your ideas for what the space should look like. Feel free to show us references of your favorite interior designs, your thoughts, your expected timelines, and most importantly your budget requirements.

How long does a project usually take?

The length of a project differs significantly based on various factors, from the complexity of the design, the size of the space, the architectural detailing, to the construction process itself. To give you a better picture, the design process itself may take as little as 2 – 4 weeks, whereas the construction process may take around 4 – 12 weeks. Every project is as unique as your own preferences, and to know more about how long your project could take, we recommend scheduling our first meeting to better understand your project.

How much budget does a project usually need?

Each unique project can be personalized according to the client’s budget. However, please note that there is also a minimum price level to allow us ensuring high quality standard of work while remaining affordable. For questions regarding our pricings, we will gladly assist you via phone call, or click here to contact us directly.

I am already working with an existing MEP/another construction firm. Are you able to work with them?

Absolutely! We always look forward to building our professional network further.

Where do you get your furniture items?

Most of our furniture items are customized in our workshop, although there are also loose furniture items that could be purchased from furniture stores or other vendors.

How do you ensure that I am satisfied with your designs?

Throughout the process described here, we will work closely with you to ensure that every detail of your expectations is captured accurately. This includes your taste, your preferred reference designs, floor plans, and branding guidelines. We will use these information items to offer you a conceptual mood board and layout to ensure that we understand your design tastes from the first place. It is only after you have agreed with our mood board and layout that we proceed to create 3D renders with artist impressions along with detailed material selection. We will involve you in each step to ensure that you are satisfied with every single design component.

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